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Whoa! How did I land on this cool site? Well there are a few reasons why you are here...searched and found, caught a link....but who cares? You're HERE! It's your lucky day! Here at CoolCarsHotGirls.com we thought we would be nice, and collect the hottest cars and the hottest girls and show them to you. What else do you need? You got your turbo charged - show stopping car looking fine as ever complimented by a beautiful young lady showing off her fine tuned shiny body. You gotta give some props to the ladies out there. They are just gorgeous! Thank you ladies, thank you for looking so pretty. And thanks all the guys out there who customize their cars to the fullest just to watch people like us drop our jaws in amazement. Well, here we are. Please enjoy the site. And hey, if you have a cool car that you think can make it on here. Go ahead and shoot us an email and we will review it...and if you're lucky. We'll post it!

< Chrome and gold flake: this CRX rolls low and hard
It takes faith to get on the cover of Hot Car List. It takes faith and a lot of hard work and planning. God damn, didn't I write this once before? Look here, didn't I say last month, and the month before that, and hell, even the month before that it takes more than a JDM-style body kit and a set of clear taillights to get your share of respect in this industry? Individual experiences will vary widely, of course, but the road to import stardom is more often than not one fraught with great sacrifice and financial hardship